Oil Paintings Depict Perfection and Skill

An artist enjoys painting images, scenes and objects. He does his best to blow life in everything he creates on his canvas.  A painting can takes months or may be more to reach to its perfection. The intricate details with thin and small brushes make the oil paintings lively. What is the philosophy of painting? It is a process of creation. Creating something that is a perfect interpretation of one’s thoughts and feelings is an intricate process. If you ponder on image of a lone traveler with a little bag in his hand, you will notice his surroundings and his physical features are telling the story of his loneliness and sadness. It is so perfectly obvious from the painting that you cannot find any other explanation for the image or painting.

Oil Paintings for Decoration

All the forms of arts in oil paints make a great piece of art. Check some images from abstract art. They make sense and meaning. Pick some calligraphy in oil paints. It looks complex and meaningful. You get lost in its intricacies. Human images are the top most amazing creation done with oil paints. Mona Liza is an incomparable master piece of art in oil paints that is made to live forever. It has won appreciation all across the world and even the coming generations are going to applaud this creation with great admiration. Artists in all ages and places, make their paintings with oil paints when they want their art to remain alive and earn praise. These are a few reasons why homeowners also choose oil paintings for decorating their homes.

Title of Perfection

Reaching to a level where an artist is able to create a perfect piece of art with oil paints is a matter of long practice and focus. The skill is not easy to be mastered in a short time. An artist spends hours and days and nights on his easel to master his skill. You need to see creation of Eva to examine her skill and perfection. All the oil paintings created by her are well-balanced in their designs and colors. Finding them for your home décor is the right consideration you can give to her pieces. Check the whole gallery on our website https://ewa-czarniecka.myshopify.com/. The displayed paintings are all in oil paints and are perfect for home decor and interior styling. You can order any number of these paintings for your bedroom, dining room or living room.

Studies on C60 Fullerene & Its Derivatives

The effects of fullerene c60 oil and its derivatives, according to a number of studies, show that it has a number of possible applications in the biomedical field. A number of researchers, believe that if there is any possible application of C60 and its derivatives they need to be addressed in a systematic way. Dissolving 0.8 mg of C60 in one milliliter of olive oil, by the dose calculation of 1.7 mg/kg of body weight, upon feeding to the rats, the average lifespan of a rat doubled by showing an increase of 90%. The study reports ‘C60 must be the most efficient of ever discovered material aiding to extend lifespan’.

Furthermore, the conclusion of the study reports that the reason of lifespan extension is mainly due to the lessening of age-related increases oxidative stress. This proved that C60 fullerene is a very promising material for its exclusive physiochemical properties. These results may prove extremely important in the medicine and toxicology fields, opening the way for the many possible biomedical applications of C60 in diseases like – cancer, neurodegenerative disorders, and ageing.

The results of a pharmacokinetics study show that the oily solutions of C60 the drug release rate is controlled by the screening adjuvant of the drug utilizing its oily vehicle with the tissue fluid. This way the lipophilic drugs release synchronously along with the dispersal of the oily vehicle from the injection site. The four possible methods that could help in C60 liver protection are:

C60 scavenging ability of destroying huge numbers of free radicals,
C60 disintegration and catalyst abilities for its tris-malonic acid derivatives over O2/H2O2, Some C60 fullerene derivatives have ability to inhibit cytochrome P450,
C60 inactivates ‘liver resident macrophages’, the Kupffer cells by aggregation and over capacitating with C60 aggregates in large numbers

Pathological examinations show at very low doses, almost 500 times lower than the originally used dosage, C60-olive oil solutions successfully protect liver from CCl4 toxicity. Experiments with very low doses of water solution of hydrated C60 fullerene, show the result in concurrence.

Moreover, the outcome of pristine C60 on lifespan emphasizes the absence of any chronic toxicity. Consequently, the results require more comprehensive studies proving improve in the intestinal absorption of C60 by using diverse guidelines for the administering stipulation of dose and duration of the treatment. The research on the efficacy and properties of C60 prove its insurmountable potential in the biomedical field, especially in the field of cancer therapy and ageing as well as age associated neurodegenerative disorders.

Perhaps the best way to invigorating and revitalizing the body is at its molecular and cellular level by getting rid of all accrued damages to restore a biologically younger state. Slowing the basic degenerative processes of aging, perhaps diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, and dementia will no longer be so prevalent.


Do you have some money or do you have savings and you are searching for avenues in which to invest? Well search no more as you can beat the Wall Street guys by making real money in the 1031 DST exchange.

Awesome right? You bet. But first you ask, what is DST? DST is an acronym for the Delaware Statutory Trust. But not to worry, this extremely unpopular trust is not only limited to the state of Delaware,  it can be accessed by everybody.

It basically involves the use of a 1031 Tax deferred exchange (which is also known as the Starker exchange). This is perfectly legal and has been in the IRS tax code since way back into the 1920’s.

This financial step simply involves selling some particular sorts of investments and the transferring or in better words, deferring all the capital gain by transferring the sale gotten into another investment that is similar, this must be done within calculated and specific time frames and also, a couple of guidelines must be followed.

Is it complicated? Let me simplify it a bit further for you. You can reinvest the capital from an investment before tax is deducted on another similar investment. And you keep making money and keep re investing. But keep in mind, tax will definitely be deducted once you decide to cash out.

DST 1031 Exchange simply allows you, a small investor to own fractional interest in large and expertly managed commercial properties with other investors. 1031 DST, if practiced hand in hand would guarantee a very high chance of making good and favorable investment. And making sure your money hits a substantial sum before tax is deducted from it. And it is amazing because it is legal.

Invest in a DST property like real estate today to make real returns on your money. It is as risky as normal investment but it carries less stress, who wouldn’t allow professionals to do their work for them?

Copper in the Human Body

For good health and vitality, the human body needs several key nutrients that work together, like the links of a chain. If one of the links is broken, the chain is ineffective hence the saying: “A chain is as strong as its weakest link.” The nutrients that form the “chain of life” are carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, enzymes, lipids and sterols and minerals. All of the six must be present in adequate quantities for life to thrive.

Copper is one of the few metallic elements that the human body needs for optimal metabolic performance. It’s found throughout the body where it helps in the critical role of manufacturing red blood cells and keeping nerve cells and the immune system healthy. Perhaps the importance of copper in human life is highlighted by the fact that it’s present from the moment of conception, helping in the formation and development of an infant’s heart, blood vessels and nervous system among others.

Minerals, the group that copper belongs to, are critical to every chemical reaction that occurs in the body. Whether it’s energy production, tissue manufacture, protein synthesis, water balance or cellular growth and reproduction, at least one mineral is required.

It goes further by supporting the absorption of iron and promoting the formation of collagen. Copper also has antioxidant properties that fight free radical activity that accelerate aging by damaging body cells. Suffice it to say that copper has immense benefits in the human body, some of which are just being discovered.

As with most things, moderation in copper intake is important. Even with its critical role in ensuring good health, consuming too much of this mineral can cause you unpleasant side effects like stomach pain, diarrhea, headache, nausea, dizziness and vomiting. When it’s ingested in toxic quantities, copper can be fatal. Thankfully, the body has its mechanism of rejecting high quantities of copper that may be consumed inadvertently at once.

The recommended daily allowance of copper for adults is 900 micrograms while expectant and lactating women usually require higher doses of 1000 and 1300 micrograms daily respectively. Consumption of high amounts of zinc can help remove of excess copper from the body.

Other food sources of copper include organ-meat such as liver, avocado, chocolate, dried peaches, figs and raisins. Drinking water supplied through copper pipes also delivers some small quantities of copper, even though most people don’t anything about it. Such an abundance of dietary sources of copper might suggest that there’s no need for supplementation. But a recent research has established an emerging trend that should get people to sit up and listen. According to a recent survey, only 25% of Americans are consuming a daily amount of copper that the US Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Sciences considers to be adequate. Where has all the copper gone?

How to Use a Vision Board to See Your Success

Vision, passion and action is your secret to success. When you can see your goals clearly, you become inspired, enthusiastic and passionate about achieving your dream. When the path to your achievement is visible, action steps become obvious and there is less struggle and greater ease involved in success.

There is a maxim that says, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but apart from saving you from writers cramp by trying to write every detail of your goals and dreams, there is another reason why it is crucial to give your written goals and dreams a visual component. It has to do with your own brain.

The best way to get real clarity around your dream is to create a visual representation of your written goals. Whether your vision board consists of drawings, photographs or images taken from magazines or downloaded from the internet, the visual aspect of your goal is crucial to your success.

The mind will very possibly see your written goal, whether it be of a certain income, health and fitness goal, building a team, enjoying a certain lifestyle… yet instantly and automatically remember a past failure and all the reasons why you may not be able to achieve that goal. It may conjure up pictures of a friend, family member or teacher from the past who may have given you negative feedback which has chipped away at your self confidence so that you may start to feel fear or doubt yourself when embarking on the action plan to your dream.

These thoughts and images flash instantly onto the screen of the mind and sabotage the goal. Unless you are aware of this and have an accurate visual end result goal to focus on, excite you and to help you believe in YOU, you may never understand why you struggle and endure hardship while trying so hard to succeed.

We all have these “light bulb” moments of clarity, focus and inspiration. The idea with a vision board is to invite them to come more often. Your intuition will be awakened and you may find that you are becoming “luckier” as co- incidences and opportunities start to present themselves. This phenomenon is a well known psychological principle, that “what you focus on expands” into your awareness and consciousness and this can lead you to being in the right place at the right time, meeting the right people and saying the right things to achieve your dreams in less time and with less effort. Hence your road to success starts to evolve from your own newly programmed “auto pilot.”

The visual goal board will help you grow into the person who naturally has what is on the board by helping to reprogram your subconscious mind as well as giving you a whole brain planning process. As you see and enjoy your vision daily, and if you choose to use some creative visualization techniques, the brain will create new neural pathways and start to get hardwired for the success that you envision. As the new neural networks develop according to the vision, ideas and flashes of inspiration will seemingly pop into your mind, giving you new and quicker ways to succeed.

The main components on creating a vision board, are to design and arrange the images that represent the end result not the journey towards your dreams but the end result of them on your board in a way that excites and motivates you when you look at it because you want a resounding “yes” to surge through your body every time you see the board.

How to Use Your Signature Line to Create Back-Links to Your Website

A back-link is a link from any website that leads back to your website. Back-links are important for two reasons. First, interested web-surfers can click on them to get to your website. Second, and more importantly, they increase your page rank in search engines. The more back-links to your site Google and other search engines find, the higher your page rank in search results. With that in mind, what you need is a good, easy way to create a lot of back-links. There are high-tech ways to do it but here are some ways anyone can use on an ongoing basis to keep on building back-links.

Keep in mind that most forums require you to register in order to post comments, and in the process of registering, you’ll have to provide an email address. It’s okay to provide it there, just don’t put it right in your default signature line.

Do a search on the word “forum” or the phrase “guest book” or “bulletin board” and go down the results five or six pages worth until you get to listings of pages designed to allow feedback and discussion. There are literally millions of them out there but not all of them will be of use to you. When you go onto a forum or guest page to leave a comment, it’s best to enter a conversation with something useful to say, even if it’s just some simple words of encouragement. If the administrator doesn’t like what you post, he/she can delete it for any reason and your back-link will be gone.

Look for as many useful forums, bulletin boards, and guest books you can find and keep a list of the ones you find especially easy to use. That way you can return and post again and again to keep your back-links present and fresh. Of course, each time you post, make sure your website link is included in your signature line. Otherwise, there’s no point in posting.

Again, make your comment relevant to the blog post. Blog administrators must constantly be on the lookout for junk comments because they get flooded with them. If you can provide a relevant comment, they’ll appreciate it and leave it posted.

A blog (short for “web log”) used to be like a personal journal that one person or company used to talk to the world. With the advent of Web 2.0 and the multi-way communication it brought, more and more bloggers began to allow readers to post comments. Those are the types of blogs you need to look for because many of these allow you to include a signature line with your comment, including your website URL.

These methods take a bit more work but you should still try to use them, if only to vary the type of site your back-links come from. There are numerous sites that will allow you to post articles and press releases free of charge. Only post your own writing. You don’t want a reputation as a plagiarist. Some sites will ban you permanently if they catch you copying the writing of others and claiming it as your own.

Keep in mind that these sites usually have a live person reviewing all submissions and some of them have strict guidelines they require submitters to follow. If you ignore the rules, your article or press release won’t get posted, so pay close attention to them.

This type of website will usually not allow you to post your own website in the body of your article or press release unless your website is the subject of the piece. However, they do allow you to write anything you want to about yourself, your company, or your website within the “resource box”. The resource box is included with each piece you submit and tells about who wrote the piece, what organization they represent, their contact info, etc. That’s where you get your back-link.

Remember, too, that there is one other value that back-linking provides, if you do it right. That is, if the comments and other postings you leave are real and relevant, people will be interested enough to follow the link in your signature. You’ll get traffic independent of search engines.

One last thing to remember about back-linking is that even if you do it aggressively every day, it usually takes months for the effects to show up within search engines. Be persistent and patient, and watch what your direct competitors are doing. That’s the way to make your efforts pay off in organic search.

How to Get Website Traffic From Message Boards and Forums

One of the quickest ways to get targeted traffic to your website is to post in forums. Done correctly, you will attract the people most interested in and passionate about your niche. Done incorrectly, you will waste your time.

First, make a list of forums and discussion boards in your niche. Use a bookmark folder to save them and keep them organized. After you have a large list, evaluate the sites to see which ones you should post on.

If you find an active board with members passionate about your niche, your next step is to discover if you are allowed to promote yourself. Many forums will allow users to put a link in their signature file, but not all do. Read the rules before you post. If they do not allow links, move on.

First, look at how active the message board is. Unfortunately, there are many dead forums and some of them still rank high in the search engines. Are the posts current? If there are not daily posts, move on. You need to find communities where members participate every day.

Next, look at the quality of the posts. Are the posts from people interested in the niche, or has the board been taken over by rampant unrelated posts? If the board is low quality, move on.

Some message boards do not have their rules posted. Look at popular threads to see if other members have links in their signature files. If no one else does, it might not be the place for you. If you feel the message board is worth posting on, try and see. If you are asked to remove the link, comply and do not argue. You can find more suitable message boards.

Do not start out by posting new threads, unless there is a forum for introductions. It is common message board etiquette to observe the forum before posting. Since you want to get your message out as soon as possible, you do want to start posting right away. Find a popular and recent post, see how other people have responded, and add your input. Do not write lengthy replies. Try to keep the length of your replies similar to what others use.

When you find a message board that meets your criteria, it is time to start posting. Although you are there to self-promote, do not be blatant about it. Never refer to your website in the body of your post. People will see your signature file and click on the link if they are interested.

To maximize your traffic generation from message boards, follow these rules. First, limit your time to posting online. You can spend all day reading with few replies and feel that you have spent the day working. Spend one to two hours a day posting on message boards. Be sure you are spending your time posting, and not reading all the replies. Post in the more popular topics.

If the message board allows avatars, upload a picture of yourself. People are more likely to click on your link if they see a picture. You do not need to be a model. If you are uncomfortable using your picture, you use a photo that fits in with your niche. If you are in the pet niche, use a photo of your dog. If you are in the car niche, use a photo of a car.

Post on more than one, but no more than twenty. You want people to get to know you, so you do not want to spread yourself out too thin. On the other hand, the less forums you post on the less people you have the potential to reach. Although your writing does not have to be perfect, use correct grammar and spelling so that others can understand you. Be polite and helpful. If someone asks a question, answer them even if you need to do a quick online search.

How Do I Know I Am Ready For Sex?

Everywhere you look, someone is trying to tell you something different about sex. Some religions ask that you wait until marriage. On television, sex is used to sell everything from cars to colas. And since when have you seen a celebrity wait until marriage to have sex?

Sex is a complicated issue. This website exists to help you find answers and information so you can make the right choices for you. But growing up means taking responsibility for your choices and actions. Deciding if, when and with who you want to have sex are tough decisions that you’re going to have to make on your own. Your parents may forbid it and your friends may warn against it, but in the end it’s still your decision. Consider all of the benefits and the consequences, and you might want to ask yourself:

Just because you may want to have sex eventually doesn’t mean that you’re ready to take such a big step right now.

The decision to have sex, or to have sex with a particular person, is a choice that is different for everyone.

Pressure to have sex, and pressure to scalp micropigmentation  wait, comes from everywhere. How you were brought up, your religious beliefs, peer pressure, what your friends or other people your age are doing, and your previous relationships and/or sexual experiences may all be things you want to think about.

If you are considering having sex – particularly when it’s for the first time – one of the most important things to think about is ‘why do I want to do this?’ If you’re doing it just to fit in, because of pressure, to make someone else happy, or just to lose your virginity you may want to reconsider. If you have sex for these reasons, you may come to regret it.

Consider all of your feelings, motives and the consequences of sex before you take that plunge.